Our Packages :

1. Humanitarian Service

2. Trade and Skill Acquisition

3. E-learning

4. Health Care / Insurance

5. Free Interest Loan

6. Property Support

7. Scholarship Awards

8. Online Business Directories

9. Online Payment Solution

10. E-commerce

11. Web Hosting

12. Smile Ride

13. Smile Travel Agency

14. Smile Club


Smile World Foundation mission is to helps the less privilege and the poor to maintain a good and standard of living. This service is open to everyone be member or not, however it’s render in 2 ways.

  • Humanitarian services carried out by the organization : This service is carried out by the organization to help the less privilege, the orphanage, widows etc. The Foundation will organize charity program in different location through out places where we have members.
  • Humanitarian services carried out on behalf of the member

After completion of some stages in our compensation, a member will be given the opportunity to put the smile on face of some people that are not members. The nominated person will be financially supported and empowered by the organization.


In the mission of putting smile on everyone face, the company create a program to develop our community. A qualified member will name his community and the company will organizes a community development project such as Bore Hole, building or rehabilitation of Hospital and Orphanage Home, etc. worth $50,000 and the project will be supervise by the qualified member.


The company empowerment program is about giving members Training on different aspects like Economy, Medical, Social etc. The skill program is design to empower members in various field. Each member is entitle to Professional Training upon qualification and the Skill Acquisition will be done on timely manner where members are full participants and non-members can attend by nomination.


Today learning online is becoming popular. Smile World Academy will help members and non-members of SWI to have access to free and paid online course. Those online courses are from reputable tutors from all over the world. SWI members have access to online course worth $800 according to their level on the compensation. Check your Educational Matrix in the MLM Plan for more details.

Everyone can buy the online without joining SWI. They only have to pay for the course at regular price. SWI have special discount on all courses if they used the $800 credit course

Another good news about Smile World Academy is that you can make money while sleeping even without joining the MLM Plan. Sign up as a Tutor and upload your Video course or book which people can buy. It’s completely Free to sign up as tutor and upload as many course as you want. Once your course are sold on the site, Smile World Academy take 30% as commission for selling the course for you. You keep 70% of the course price. All features course will be listed free until December ending.



This is an affiliate product to Smile World International. As per SWI MLM, you are entitled to an Insurance Scheme on medical and vehicle free of charge. However, if you are not qualified yet for this incentive, you can get it at a discount rate if you are taken it from SWI. You can get 1 year free if you end Stage 3 of Feeder Matrix or collect $500. The company can take care of sick members and their families if the need arise. We will pay for Medical Treatment*.

*Terms and conditions applied


This service is not free and cost only $25 deductable from your earnings. No need pf panic or bringing in new funds in the system. However, the Loan is Interest Free. Member can get up to $20,000 as loan. Each Level will determine the loan He / She can acquire. The member that complete the Matrix can request for $5,000 not refundable but will no longer be permitted to take a loan. Note : We are not a Microfinance bank and neither are we competing with a bank. We only give the Loan to people that are qualified from the SMILE MATRIX.
To take the Loan, every member must be at least 3 months old.
Conditions for the Loan

  • Verified Member
  • 3 months Old
  • Qualification in the matrix
  • Loan from $2,000 upward will required a Business Plan to be presented
  • No Collateral needed

The loan must be fully paid up in 12 month depending on the memorandum of understanding reached – SMILE WORLD INT’ allow weekly, monthly or quarterly payment.


Do you wish to buy a Land?
Do you wish to live in your own house?
Do you wish to build a house to let or lease to make money?
Do you wish to have Brand New Cars, Laptops, Mobile Phone E.T.C ?

SMILE WORLD INTERNATIONAL gives you an opportunity to acquire all these with just a smile. We Make it easy for our members to acquire all the items listed without stress.


  • E-COMMERCE : With our E-commerce services, shopping is becoming easier. Smile members can buy or sell their goods on the platform. Currently, the e-commerce service is running in Ivory Coast, Hoping to open in Nigeria soon.
  • BUSINESS DIRECTORIES : With this services, you can advertise all the stuff (goods or services) freely. You can also buy from seller or service provider. This program is newly lunch and operating in every countries. Select your country and all offer from your country will be presented to you.
  • WEB HOSTING : Goods news, you can now buy your domain and host you website trough this service @ very cheap rate. We can aslo help in the building of your website at a lower cost.
  • SMILE CLUB : Learn how you can invest on our ongoing project and stand a chance to become stakeholders.
  • NILAPAY : Do you want to accept payment online from your customers? Do you have problem to settle or buy goods from other African Countries, Here is our online payment solution coming up soon. With these service, you can send, recieve and exchange your money at the best rate in the market
  • SMILE RIDE : coming soon
  • SMILE TRAVEL : coming soon

    This service is design to support members and non-members children. Education is the key to Success, One’s children has to be educated. Nowadays, Education is expensive but we cannot try ignorance so the company decide to give different Scholarship to students. There are 3 categories of Scholarship.

    • Company Nomination: Beneficiary from Orphanage Home, Public School and members Children.
    • Nomination by Country Reps and Coordinators of Regions.
    • Nomination by qualified Member.