It’s a company design to render assistance to the less privileged and the poor thereby reducing poverty level. Also we train and empowered people to attain their full potential.

How do I register?

For you to register as a partner, contact the partner who introduced you to the program to provide you with the registration details.

On the other hand, you can contact us through our admin mail for additional help if you were not introduced by anyone.

What do I get after paying the $20?

We give you access to a website in which you can have training materials. You will also be exposing to wonderful Opportunity. You will be making money by sharing in our profits by simply recommending people to be empowered, you get empowered you both receive benefits such as:

  • Free Trade and Skill Acquisition
  • Your Dream House
  • Free medical Checkup 
  • Travel Opportunity
  • FREE LAPTOP, IPAD, Projector, Smartphone, Plasma TV and AC
  • A Brand new Car and SUV
  • Educational Fund
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Source of Help for Less Privileged
  • Interest Free Loan without Collateral

How do have make payment or received payment?

You can make payment for registration by using your E-wallet, E-pin, MasterCard, BTC, Advcash and trough Advcash you can make payment with Perfect Money and Payeer. You can fund your E-wallet account by making payment to our official account. Contact us for account information.

I have a suitable Office, how may I apply to use my office as a Regional Office?

Please send a mail through the Contact Us and the requirements will be sent to you. STAR STAGE is a prerequisite for application, and such office must be spacious for trainings.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Definitely Yes, you can have 3, 12 or 30 accounts directly to your name, before you do that you must be sure you can refer 3 each under the subsequent accounts, else you will find it difficult to grow, But if you do and manage your accounts to have 3 each, then you will enjoy multiple referral bonuses, above all, it will cause massive spill-over and spill-under in your matrix, making it fill faster.