Our unbeatable is based on 4 different Matrix. Each Matrix has an entry fee which is taken from your profit.You also don’t need to look for new partners in other matrix; we used a Forced Matrix with Sponsor Follow Effect in Stage 1 of the Feeder Matrix and Auto Filling Effect in all other stages.

Our marketing Plan make member to earn from all Matrix with just a One Time Activation fee of $20.


1) Feeder Matrix (Activation)

This matrix is the Feeder Matrix; it’s a onetime fee of $20. It’s also a 2x3 Forced Matrix with 5 stages. All positions on the matrix will be paid out without balancing of legs. Every partner is required to introduce only 2 partners but because there is a 3x5 Matrix in the system, partners can refer 3 partners. Every member that finish the stage 1 will be activated in the second matrix (Educational Matrix) and at the same time is on the second stage of the Feeder matrix.

FEEDER MATRIX Stage One (Partner)

This is member that sponsor 2 partners in the Feeder Matrix

Referral Bonus (2 persons)= $8
Matrix Bonus = $24
TOTAL = $32

Incentives : Activation on Educational Matrix

For Members that personally sponsor 14 partners in their feeder matrix

Referral Bonus (14 persons)= $56
Matrix Bonus = $24
TOTAL = $80

Incentives : Activation on Educational Matrix

After the completion of stage 1, you move to stage 2. As an incentive, you get activated in the Educational Matrix which will be discussing later.

FEEDER MATRIX Stage Two (Leader)

Level 1 = $18
Level 2 = $36
Level 3 = $72
Total Bonus Matrix = $126

Free Laptop
Activation of Savings Matrix

Every Leader that finish stage 2 will receive a Free Laptop or Tablet after a week of qualification in a country where we have representative and 2 weeks by a courier in a country where we don’t have representative. In addition, he will also receive a free credit card for funds withdrawal or to make purchase on POS. The last incentive is the activation in the SMILE MATRIX. $50 will be deducted automatically for that purpose.

FEEDER MATRIX Stage Three (Super Master)

Level 1 = $60
Level 2 = $120
Level 3 = $240
Total Bonus Matrix = $420

Health Care Insurance of
+ 1 Smartphone + CUG Line + Free Interest Loan

Every Super Master that finish Stage 3 will be receives $500 cash for Medical or receives a 1 year Insurance Policy on Medical. Another incentive is the Smartphone + CUG Line depending on the country. As from this stage, every super master will be entitle for Free interest Loan on demand. Partners with multiple accounts can request for funds instead of the incentives

FEEDER MATRIX Stage Four (Star)

Level 1 = $250
Level 2 = $500
Level 3 = $1000
Total Matrix Bonus = $1750

Health Care Insurance of
A brand new car worth $20,000
Empowerment Funds for 2 persons

Every Star partner will receive a brand new car worth $20,000. You are required to introduce 2 persons for our Smile Face Programme.

FEEDER MATRIX Stage Five (Ambassador)

To Infinity on all your Directly sponsor members

The Ambassador Stage is unlimited bonus, no entry fee to earn here. Each time your directly sponsor member become Ambassador, you get $500.


This Matrix is activated each time a partner finishes stage 1 of the Feeder Matrix. It’s a 5 Level matrix with special matrix configuration. Level 1 is 3x2, Level 2 is 3x3, Level 3 is 3x4, Level 4 is 3x5 and Level 5 is 3x6 Matrix. Each Level has an entry fee that gives right to an Educational Material on both Theory and practical. After the completion of each Level, all qualified members will attend seminar and also get Certificates of participation. The detail commission is in the table under the EDUCATIONAL MATRIX


3) Smile Matrix

This matrix has an entry fee of $50 and is 3x7. It is activated after the completion of Stage 2 of the Feeder Matrix. The activation fee is deducted automatically from members balance. It’s a Forced Matrix with auto filling effect. All commissions are paid out without balancing of level. The loan is given out only when the level is completed.


In order to take the loan, Partner has to complete the level. You can only request for a new loan if you pay the previous loan. Partners with multiples accounts are only allow taking a loan from one of their account. No multiple Loan allow in the system. You pay and request for more loan one at a time. Every Loan that reaches $10,000 is subjected to verification.

4) Residual Income Matrix

This matrix is a 3x8 and has an autoship of $5 every month. The autoship is manual and is only show at the end of the month. Any interested member can pay the autoship. Only those that pay the autoship can earn from it.


Note: 5% is deducted for humanitarian service and Community Development from our earnings.